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Scholarship Do’s And Don’ts

It Could Take 75 Applications To Get One Scholarship

Some students can earn enough scholarships to pay for their entire college education in full. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts that can improve your odds of earning one or more scholarships and help you avoid some common mistakes:

Do Plan Ahead
Make a list of scholarships and set a schedule to fill out and submit applications.

Do Stay Organized
Keep track of deadlines and when you should expect to hear back. This will make life much less stressful.

Do Apply To A Variety
The more you apply to, the better your chances. Be sure to focus on the ones that meet your specific needs.

Do Ask Questions
If you have specific questions about the scholarships, ask. This will help you in your search and the application process.

Do Rely On The Internet
You can find a lot of scholarships by just doing some simple searches online.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed
The college application process (including applying for scholarships) should be fun. Make sure it stays that way.

Don’t Ignore

Small Awards
The bigger awards will have more competition, so the odds of earning those are smaller. You’d be surprised how even $100 or $500 awards can add up.

Don’t Annoy Admissions
Not all scholarships are provided through colleges or even high schools. Ask questions, but don’t pester Admissions. If you earned the scholarship, you’ll know.

Don’t Fall For Scams
Don’t pay for searches or applications. Legitimate scholarships don’t charge application fees.

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