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According to the 2020 census of the United States, one of the fastest-growing segments of the population was the Latino or Hispanic. As of July 2019, the Hispanic population of the United States amounted to 60.6 million, which making people of Hispanic origin the nation’s largest ethnic or racial minority. Thus, Hispanics constituted 18.5% of the nation’s total population.

Although the terms Latino and Hispanic are often used interchangeably nevertheless, they can slightly have different under meanings. A Latino or Latina for a woman is usually a shorthand for the Spanish word Latinoamericano, which refers to anyone born in or with ancestors from Latin America and living in the U.S. 

Many charity organizations, churches, universities, and colleges offer billions of dollars in scholarships to Latino students. These scholarships may be awarded to students who demonstrate a need or great academic achievements.

Besides those scholarships that are specific to Latinos, they can also apply to any nonspecific scholarship. However, it is important that the applicant follows all the requirements from A to Z to be considered. If the scholarship, the grant, or the program you apply for requires essays, recommendations, or some other

College Students

 information, do not send your application without those requirements. 

Deadline: April 30

Amount: $3,000

The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) offers the Ralph W. Shrader Graduate Diversity Scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded to full-time students (women and minority students), enrolled in their second semester and at least two semester-equivalent courses) currently pursuing a graduate degree at any accredited academic institution in the United States and living in the United States in an eligible major that supports the mission of AFCEA Educational Foundation. The expected graduation date cannot be in the year the scholarship is awarded.

For more information about the criteria and eligibility, please visit here the AFCEA. 

Deadline: May 31, 2021

Amount: $3,000

The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) Educational Foundation offers the Intel Graduate Diversity Scholarship. This Scholarship will provide scholarship funding for full-time college students that are underrepresented minorities (i.e. technical female, African-Americans, Latin/Hispanic origin, and/or Native American) or a Gold Star Family Member, currently pursuing a graduate degree (Masters or Ph.D.) at an accredited academic institution in the United States and living in the United States. The eligible majors for this scholarship support the mission of the AFCEA Educational Foundation. In addition to the diversity requirement, applicants must also be either a current member of the Armed Forces, have prior military experience, or be a Gold Star Family Member. Click here for more information.

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